Bienvenue à la visite de clients indiens pour des machines de traitement du mil

Indian clients visited us yesterday and further inspected the strength of our factory and the performance of our millet processing machines.


The clients brought their own millet sample for machine testing and felt so satisfied with the testing performance of all the millet machines!


Raw kodo millet sample:

Final product after husking, peeling and polishing:

According to the clients' project demand, we designed the following process flow for the whole line:
Millet Cleaning- Two Round of Millet Hulling- Husk Separating- Two Round of Peeling- Polishing- Color Sorting- Grading- Packaging

Our design and processing line will help the clients reduce the millet breakage rate and ensure higher output! Looking forward to the good and long-term cooperation in the near future!

Win Tone Machinery has designed and installed lots of millet processing lines both at home and abroad. Our strong R & D and design capability, as well as the professional installation and after-sales service, ensures that each of our millet customers buys comfortably, uses with confidence!

Part of our millet processing cases:


Our millet processing machines can process your various millet, such as kodo millet, pearl millet, proso millet, foxtail millet, finger millet, etc. Welcome your inquiry and visit for details!

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